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With a strong reputation for excellence, outstanding customer service, competitive pricing, and premium quality products, we have established long-term partnerships with numerous companies worldwide. Our partners include a diverse array of businesses such as local shrink film brands, distributors of shrink machines, printing and publishing firms, industrial product manufacturers, household goods producers, packaging service providers, meat products factories, and more.

Our Partner Pof Polyolefin Packaging Film DuPont
Our Partner Pof Polyolefin Packaging Film DOW CHEM
Our Partner Pof Polyolefin Packaging Film SINOPAC
Our Partner Pof Polyolefin Packaging Film ExxonMobil
Our Partner Pof Polyolefin Packaging Film LG CHEM
Beck Packautomaten POF Shrink Packaging Machine
POF Shrink Packaging Machine, Shrink Wrapper, heat shrink packaging machine, polyolefin shrink machine
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pof shrink film packaging machine shrink wrap polyolefin
smipack shrink wrapping machine shrink film pof polyolefin shrink tunnel L sealer shrink wrapper
household products shrink packaging film pof polyolefin
yogurt shrink packing film plastic shrink film pof polyolefin
office supply pof shrink film packaging
toy packaging film, toy shrink wrapping film, toy plastic packaging film, pof polyolefin
candy chocolate candy chocolate shrink packaging film, pof polyolefin shrink film

Our Partners Customers Feedback

“Thanks, I had short rest from films and equipment:) Thank You for detailed additional information. According my tests it has better ******* alternative result like ****. Your films running even better that *******. In meantime yesterday I have tested it like alternative for **15 ,and I have very impresed for result. Good shrink force and film running for low seal temperature.”

“We have very good expectations with your films. After receive this order we intend to make another one and then make monthly orders increasing the quantity. If everything works ok our next PO probably will be of two containers. Please find below the answers to your last e-mail about the orders details that you asked.”

“We have not performed any machine adjustments ( **** filmroll off the machine and your film on it). The first packaging that comes out the schrinktunnel is immediately the same result as the **** packaging. In further tests we see that your film is stronger and more stretchable than the ***.”


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