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Product questions of polyolefin shrink film

(1) When can I get the price of polyolefin/POF shrink film?

After confirming all necessary order details, we will quote the best price to you within 2 hours of receiving your inquiry. To expedite this process, please provide us with detailed film specifications, such as thickness, width, perforation, etc., along with the order quantity. As our production costs are influenced by the price level of plastic resin raw materials, we need to check the current raw material prices before providing you with a quotation. This ensures that the price of polyolefin shrink film offered to you is the most cost-effective in the market.

(2) Can you customize polyolefin shrink film for me? Use my labels and logos

Yes, there is no additional cost if your labels and printed cartons are not too complex. We can also design some styles according to your requirements for your reference.

(3) What are the quotation units for polyolefin heat shrinkable film?

This is a bit of a nerve-wracking question, because polyolefin shrink films are quoted in different units in different regions. For example, in the United States, polyolefin is usually sold on a per-inch basis, while in Europe, polyolefin films are usually sold on a per-square-meters basis. The quotation we give you is usually based on the price per kilogram, but it can be converted into other price units through some mathematical formulas. You can ask us for details.

(4) Can your polyolefin film be used to package food?

Yes, our products can be used for inner and outer packaging of food, such as noodles, eggs, frozen beef and mutton, frozen fish, durian, candy, bread, chocolate, yogurt, pizza, nuts, mushrooms, dates, etc. Our polyolefin/POF shrink film passed a series of food safety-related tests. We have also been steadily supplying directly to some food factories.

(5) Can I be your exclusive agent?

We are open to exclusive agency rights in various countries. Please contact our marketing staff and we will discuss with you in detail. Thank you.

(6) How could we know the quality of your product?

Throughout the production process, we follow the requirements of the ISO9001 quality management system, from incoming material inspection, to process inspection, process control, in-process inspection, and finished product inspection, to ensure that the polyolefin shrink film is manufactured according to the highest standards, and the product is also traceable. We also implement a total quality management philosophy. We believe that quality is produced, not detected. At the same time, our front-line production personnel will also participate in improving product quality and continuously improving the production process.

Ordering questions of polyolefin shrink film

(1) What’s your MOQ of polyolefin/POF shrink film?

The minimum order quantity is typically one pallet of polyolefin heat shrink film, weighing approximately 1000kg net excluding paper cores and cartons. If a smaller quantity is desired, it is possible, but freight costs and transportation convenience need to be considered. For special functional polyolefin heat shrink films, please consult our sales team for the minimum order quantity, as we require a certain quantity to start production, including extruders, slitters, printing machines, laminators, coaters, etc.

(2) How about your production capacity?

Our current production capacity is two 40-foot containers of polyolefin heat shrinkable film per day, with a net weight of approximately 50 tons.

(3) Are you a polyolefin shrink film manufacturer and where is your factory?

Yes, we have been a professional manufacturer of POF shrink film for about 19 years. Our factory is located in Jining City, China.

(4) Can you provide custom printed polyolefin heat shrink film?

Yes, our polyolefin heat shrink products can be customized with printing. We offer custom printing services to meet your branding and marketing needs. You can provide design artwork, or our design team can create designs based on your requirements.

(5) Could I purchase a small quantity for a trial?

You can buy a small quantity of sample polyolefin film to test whether it is suitable for your packaging machine, because according to the use of different products, our polyolefin heat shrinkable film has more than 20 varieties, so we will recommend it to you according to your specific needs The most suitable film. In addition, when using polyolefin heat shrinkable film, it is also important to find the appropriate machine settings, so we recommend testing the corresponding samples before you place a formal order. The product formula of our polyolefin heat shrinkable film is constant. We will not deceive customers and change the product formula in order to reduce costs like some dishonest factories. Therefore, the sample film you test will have the same performance as your formal order.

Testing sample questions of polyolefin shrink film

(1) Can I get a polyolefin shrink film sample for testing?

Yes, we provide polyolefin shrink film samples for testing, which can usually be sent out within 3 days after you confirm the specifications. The information that needs to be confirmed includes whether it should be centerfold (folded) or singlewound (flat), thickness, width, whether it needs to be perforated, cold perforated (pre-perforation) or hot perforated, and if it needs to be perforated, are there any requirements for the perforation style? For cold perforated (pre-perforation) polyolefin films (tiny holes are used to discharge air during shrinkage), we provide commonly used pre-perforation styles, that is, standard pre-perforation styles, which can be applied to most packaging machines and ensure that the strength of the film is not affected while ensuring perfect shrinkage. Additionally, we will cover half of the sample express fee from our factory to your address. We understand that doing business is not easy, so we will do our best to support customers who are willing to trust us.

(2) How will you send the samples to me?

For testing polyolefin film samples, we can ship them by FedEx, TNT, UPS, DHL, Aramex, etc. If the express delivery is arranged by us, we will send it through the above international express couriers, and we will arrange the shipment after receiving the express fee. Or you can use your courier account to arrange for a courier to pick up the package from our factory.

(3) How are sample polyolefin films packaged? Please make sure it is not damaged in transit

Yes, polyolefin packaging films can easily get damaged in transit if not packaged well. For your samples, we will carefully pack them, wrap them with multiple layers of additional foam sheet, and put them into sturdy cartons of suitable size.

(4) What is the length of the free polyolefin packaging film sample?

In the entire polyolefin film industry, we provide free samples with the longest length per roll to ensure that customers are sufficient for testing. Usually we provide free samples with a length of 200 meters or 300 meters per roll. For thicker polyolefin films, we offer roll lengths of 200 meters to ensure a suitable size for packaging and transportation.

(5) Can I order a few rolls of free polyolefin film samples? I don’t know which one is best for me

Sure, we also recommend that you try more to ensure that the product is suitable and you can find the lowest-priced polyolefin film. In addition, the packaging machine dealers we cooperate with will give us feedback on some machine settings of the heat shrink packaging machine, and we can provide them to you for your reference.

Payment questions of polyolefin shrink film

(1) Can you tell me the payment terms you accept?

We provide flexible payment methods, usually requiring a 30% deposit via T/T before mass production, with the remaining 70% balance payable against shipping documents. Alternatively, you can opt for payment via letter of credit (L/C), but please note that there will be additional bank charges associated with letters of credit.

(2) When I pay you, how long does it take for you to receive it?

Usually after your bank executes the payment, our bank will receive your remittance 3 working days later.

(3) In which currencies can you accept remittances?

Our bank account can accept remittances in US dollars, euros, RMB, Japanese yen and British pounds. If you plan to pay in other currencies, please let us consult the bank and tell you whether it is possible.

(4) Can I pay using Western Union, PayPal, or Bitcoin?

Sorry, we are currently unable to receive your payment through the above remittance channels.

Delivery questions of polyolefin shrink film

(1) What is your terms of delivery?

For formal orders, we can provide EXW, FOB, CIF, CNF, DDP and DAP.

(2) What is the lead time/delivery time for mass production of polyolefin shrink film?

For 20ft or 40ft full container polyolefin/POF shrink film orders, their usual delivery time is 3 weeks after receiving a 30% deposit. If you order multiple full containers at once, we will adjust the production schedule to expedite the delivery time. For LCL shipment orders, such as one pallet or several pallets, their typical delivery time is 3 weeks after receiving full payment.

(3) Can you refer to our ERP requirements and label the outer packaging of the product?

Sure, we can affix or print labels with QR codes or barcodes on product cartons. In this way, your warehouse colleagues can view the information of these goods by scanning the QR code.

(4) May I ask what kind of pallet you use? What size is the pallet?

Generally, we use solid wood pallets or plywood pallets with fumigation marks, which can pass customs inspection. For some customers’ requirements, we can use reusable plastic pallets. For pallets of 20-foot full container and 40-foot full container, we usually use two sizes: 1.25m*1.05m and 1.05m*1.05m. We can also use European standard pallets or custom size pallets according to customer requirements. There is no MOQ requirement for custom wooden pallets.

(5) How do I know if my goods have been loaded into the container?

We will take many photos or videos of the entire delivery and container loading process and send them to you. If you arrange for a third party to audit the container loading at our factory, we will confirm the time with you before loading the container to ensure that the auditor is present throughout the process.


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